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I am very happy that it has been financially possible for me to do this research, which I have been working on full time, more or less. This tree in specific has so far taken almost 10 years, or approximately 13,000 hours, and hundreds of thousands in direct costs of materials and so on.

If you have done genealogy yourself, you may know that sometimes you can find 10 or even more relatives in one single day, while it sometimes can take several months to find one single relative, who perhaps have moved to a different parish, and you don’t know where to start.

If any of you appreciate this research, every contribution, small or big, are gratefully accepted, to be used to future research and updates of the family tree.

”A family tree will never be completed, but this may do for future research”
-Manfred Svenungsson, my Grandfather.

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At last but not least, if you have a story to tell about you or your ancestors that you wish to publish, or would like me to include in a book I’m planning, please contact me.