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Once you’ve downloaded the family tree, go to the main menu on the top and select ”Tools” and choose ”Select & Zoom”. In the drop down menu select the ”Pan & Zoom Window” and a small navigation window in the top right corner will appear, which will make it easier for you to see where in the tree you are.

Once you done this go to ”Tools” > ”Select & Zoom” > ”Dynamic zoom”. You will now get a small magnifying glass you can use in order to gradually enlarge selected parts. You can always see where in the tree you are in the navigation window in the top right corner. Start with enlarging the top left corner and read about the ancestors that are in the root of the tree. Then go to the bottom right corner where you can find an explanation to the different signs used in the tree; e.g. what a black or red ring means, if the year is within brackets etc.

How to find your way in the family tree

Step 1: Find your name in the list of names
In order to find yourself in the tree you should start by looking in the list of names (the excel-file). If you have arranged the list it after surnames, it will be easy to find yourself. Remember that all surnames refers to your maiden name. Next to your name you will find the required information you need in order to search in the tree, such as what generation and position in the tree you are.

Step 2: Find your generation in the tree
The tree consists of 32 generations. The ancestor Ulf Ulfsson is generation 0, his children are generation 1, grandchildren geneartion 2 and so on. Generations before of Ulf Ulfsson are called  generation -1, -2, and down to -15.

The latest generation of the tree crown is generation 16 where there are only six people. Most belong to the generations 13 and 14.

Step 3: Find your position in the tree
The best way to find your position is to imagine the tree as a clock face; 12 is in the top, 7-12 is to the left and 12-16 is to the right and so on.

Apply the same procedure to find relative, and to find out how you are related. If you are looking for a female relative who’s maiden name you don’t know, the easiest way is to look for her children who most likely have the same surname. Once you’ve found the children in the family tree, you will also find the mother.

How to find out how you are related to the other 12,890 relatives

Write down your ancestors all the way from your name to Ulf Ulfsson, through him everyone in the tree is related. Then find the relative who you wish to know how you are related to, and write down the ancestors the same way as you did with your self. Soon you will find where your family ties are conjoined. Hopefully you won’t need to go all the way down to Ulf Ulfsson. Thus are the people after the ancestor in common (Ulf Ulfsson) sibblings, the people after them cousins, and after them 2nd cousins and so on.

How to find out how you have noble and royal roots

If you are in Sweden and speak Swedish, you can visit a library and have a look in the Swedish Nobility Calender or History books.

You can also look at the internet, here are some links to start with:

Please do not hesitate to contact me in case you need some assistance or if you don’t speak/read Swedish.

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